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Actions 4 Education

Olympia is in budgetary deadlock and yet there is work to be done. WPD is continuing to advocate during special session(s) and ask you to please review and engage in these Actions 4 Education to amplify our collective voice in calling for new and fair revenue to fully fund education:   1. UPDATE on the Senate Republicans’ Property Tax Hike […]


An Open Letter to the Washington State Senate Republicans

Monday, May 8, 2017 An Open Letter to the Washington State Senate Republicans To our Republican Senators, We are almost midway through the special legislative session and the popular wisdom among stakeholders, the public, and the press is that Senate Republicans are refusing to come to the negotiating table to have “four corner” budget negotiations […]

wpd rally

League of Women Voters Honors WPD with “Making Democracy Work” Award

Celebrate with us at the LWV Seattle-King County Voices of Democracy Gala!    WPD is delighted to announce that the League of Women Voters of Seattle-King County are honoring us with their “Making Democracy Work” Award! This award is given to individuals and organizations who have helped King County residents raise their voices in support […]

People are talking

We sat down with Washington State parents, students and teachers to discuss their experiences with our state’s huge basic education funding gap. Here’s what they had to say. View more videos

The State Has Failed Our Kids

For 40 years, Washington’s public school funding has been undermined by state government cutbacks, band-aid solutions, budget tricks, and unfunded voter mandates. Today, school districts statewide must make up the gap with local levies and by asking parents and teachers to reach into their own pockets.

The Court Told Them to Fix It

In 2012, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled unanimously in the McCleary case that state government had failed its paramount constitutional duty to fully fund basic education for our children. They ordered the State to come up with a plan to fix it and then fully fund basic education by the 2017-2018 school year.

No more foot-dragging

Now the Legislature is dragging its feet while our children continue to suffer the consequences. We are Washington’ Paramount Duty — a broad-based network of parents, by parents, and for students — working to compel the State to fully fund our children’s basic education now.